Everest Challenge

Finally starting the racing season approaches.
Tomorrow will be the Everest Challenge Pro at Flottsbro in Stockholm.

We all have an Everest to climb. The road to the top is long, challenging and demanding. Everest Challenge is the obstacle race that mirrors the conditions on the highest mountain on the planet, Mount Everest. Walk over crevasses, avoid avalanches, survive hurricane winds, thin air and steep climbs. Many are those who dream about reaching the top, but few are those who succeed. Are you tough enough? It’s You Vs. The Mountain.

I will start in the Pro class and it will be so fun.

The Pro class is for the men and women who are looking for a real challenge. The competitors in Pro will compete wearing headlamp and a 10kg backpack (bring your own). The lights will be turned off on Flottsbro. Pro competitors are required to wear respirator mask throughout the entire course (delivered 20 minutes before the start).



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